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End-of-Life Preparedness

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Because dying is a first-time experience, we don't always know what questions to ask or what details we might be missing--and preparing for the end of life can feel overwhelming.

Many people find it helpful to enlist the guidance and support of an objective third party with expertise in this area. Support can range from the more technical (such as price comparing different home care services) to the emotional (such as discussing concerns and hopes about the end of one's life). 

This is our most comprehensive package and can include:


  • Identifying needs and wants to plan and coordinate care as illness progresses

  • Creating plans for a vigil (the time when someone is actively dying) and establishing contingency plans

  • Discussing post-death arrangements like funeral and memorial planning

  • Education on the dying process so caregivers are informed and prepared

  • Practicing guided visualizations for anxiety management

  • Vigil/bedside attendance and respite services

  • Emotional support sessions (one-on-one or as a family)

  • Resource referrals 

  • Downsizing help

Packages start at $500, with a free one-hour consultation.

Combinations with other packages are available.

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