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End-of-Life Preparedness

Because dying is a first-time experience, we don't always know what questions to ask or what details we might be missing.

Many people find it helpful to prepare and plan for the end of their lives with an objective third party. This can range from the more technical (such as surveying medical and legal paperwork you may not know about) to the emotional (working through your life's meaning and arranging mementos to leave behind). All end-of-life preparedness activities are customized to a client's wants and needs, including:

  • Medical and legal paperwork checklists (POLST forms, advanced directives, wills, etc.)

  • Downsizing help

  • Formal vigil planning and establishing contingency plans

  • Life review and legacy projects

  • Funeral and memorial planning

  • Practicing guided visualizations for anxiety management

  • Identify anticipated needs and solutions to ensure quality of life

  • Family and client education around the dying process

  • Resource referrals 

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